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As we are accredited by the ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine) and the RME (Register of Empirical Medicine), you can be reimbursed by your health insurance company according to the terms of the contract you have signed.

Nutritional consultation

210 CHF *

This consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and is the first stage in your treatment. It consists of the following:

  • Making contact and gathering information such as your eating habits and behaviour, personal and medical background, etc.
  • Taking various bioimpedance measurements: full body analysis and measurements (hip circumference, thigh circumference, etc.)
  • Installation of the ‘Nutrium’ application for nutritional monitoring
    Implementation of a personalised diet plan

* reimbursed by ASCA or RME insurance

Consultation de suivi

180 CHF *

This follow-up consultation lasts about 1 hour. This session is used to assess the progress you are making towards your goals. During this consultation, we will carry out an in-depth review, including a full body analysis, to take account of the progress you have made and identify any difficulties you may be experiencing.

This detailed examination will enable us to adjust our approach and further personalise your nutritional programme according to your specific needs. Follow-up consultations are generally scheduled once a month.

* reimbursed by ASCA or RME insurance

Analyse So/check

The OligoCheck check-up is an in-depth analysis that instantly assesses your levels of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, oxidative stress and heavy metals using spectrophotometry. This method gives you the advantage of a quick, painless check-up, while providing crucial information about your nutritional health.

The results of this assessment form a solid basis for personalising advice tailored to your situation, whether for specific treatments or dietary supplements.

Price if you’re already a patient: CHF 90 *

Price outside consultation (including advice on suitable treatments/food supplements): CHF 200 *

* reimbursed by ASCA or RME insurance

Analyse So check nutrition Genève Suisse
Nutritionniste Suisse Genève femme sport regime poids - Lucrezia Bordi

LB Nutrition in Geneva

As a health professional, I’m convinced that diet is the best way of preserving our health capital and preventing cardiovascular disease.

My approach is therefore preventive and based on a holistic approach to nutrition. Approaching food with serenity and awareness can help us harness our healing power.


Some patients were keen to share their views on their experience with LB Nutrition:

‘Lucrezia is very attentive to my needs and helps me to achieve my goals. Her nutritional plans are not at all restrictive and are adapted to my lifestyle and tastes. She doesn’t put pressure on me if I don’t achieve my goals, but adapts the plan and is very encouraging.’

Evelyne B.


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‘I am incredibly grateful to have met Lucrezia. She was able to give me the tools to achieve my goals using a holistic approach and taking into account my needs. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their overall health.’

Lolita G.​


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‘Great experience, Lucrezia is professional and listens. Having already received nutrition education, I wanted to improve my habits and thanks to Lucrezia’s follow-up and recommendations, I’m discovering new recipes, I’m eating more without feeling guilty and I’m in better shape!’

Mathieu L.


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